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Normally you would not declare someone as being guilty of a crime unless you had really hard evidence that connected them to the crime. Well picture this overall situtaion that we find ourselves in:

  1. The Federal Govt. developed this geoengineering program many years ago. Initially, it may have been to control the weather for a “good” cause (make it rain (for drought), stop it from raining (in floods), stop a hurricane, etc). Well, for whatever the reason (Logo-flag-smmostly military industrial complex reasons), the Govt. has turned to the “dark side” (a Star Wars term). We do not need to know why they did this so we should no longer waste valuable time trying to figure it out. But now that we see what they are doing with this technology, we simply need to indicate that they are poisoning people and all other forms of life on the planet. Those are the principal crimes.
    1.  A good analogy on how to proceed on this is simply this: If you were in a movie theater and a masked man ran into the theater and started to shoot movie-goers in the theater, your primary jobs would be to (1) save yourself and (2) stop the shooter. Your job is not to try and figure out what motivated this person to be a mass murderer. Somebody else can do that later. So it is with us as well. We do not have to prove the reasons why the Govt. and others are poisoning the planet, there will be time for that later. We simply need to have them stop doing it as soon as we can.
  2. The Govt. has made everything related to this program, secret. They have gagged thousands of people  (maybe tens of thousands). They have used legal tools called non-disclosure agreements, threats of jail time, financial penalties, loss of job, Business Acronym Nda - Non-disclosure Agreementloss of pension, and possibly, even loss of life. They have also used financial payoffs and bribes. Money is no object for the Feds. But where does this “dark money” come from? We will find out.
    1. They have effectively shut down any real discussion by the weathermen who are prevented from discussing chemtrails and geoengineering. Even the scientists in the college and university system receive grants and are controlled, as a result, by the govt.
    2. What is shocking is that none of these people are discussing the atmospheric program (which produces Chemtrails) which is killing the planet. They are bribed, controlled, in fear, whatever the case may be. But they are not talking! They are watching the planet degrade and yet they do not speak up! We have never seen anything like this in history. Some of this may actually be the result of the spray of which the average citizen has been affected by (the toxic blend of chemicals).
    3. We have seen this gagging technique used in many cases before, incidentally: Sandy Hook, Middle East wars and ISIS, 9-11, Boston Bombing, San Bernardino Shooting, etc. This use of LEGAL tools has become the weapon of mass deception for the Federal Govt. But their application of these tools on the geo-engineering program is second to none. We should fully expect that everyone inv0lved has had to sign a non-disclosure agreement with extremely severe penalties tied to it. We need our own legal people to determine how to best confront this tactic.
  3. The state water departments, EPA, NOAA, National Weather Service, Dept. of Interior, and many other groups – all have been gagged. In addition, not only have they been gagged, they are re-writing or otherwise modifying existing laws and regulations in order to allow the geo-engineers to violate existing requirements. If the requirements have been changed such that the safety of people, animals, woodlands, crops, etc., have been reduced through illegal changes that goes against the processes that had been previously legislated and enacted, then they are guilty.
  4. Misrepresenting science in their findings which leads to implementing the wrong solutions wastes money for the taxpayers and also leads to unsafe processes being performed by the govt.
  5. Not disclosing these geoengineering programs because of false claims of  risks to our “national security” is criminal when it can be proven that it was all lies and distortions.
  6. The misappropriation of tax payer money and then hiding it is a crime.
  7. Using dark money that was obtained illegally through any variety of means is a crime.
  8. Spraying toxic chemicals over foreign lands is a crime against humanity.
  9. Spraying toxic chemicals over US citizens is a crime.
  10. Not securing congressional approval for all of the expenditures related to geoengineering is a crime.
  11. Conspiracy between elements within the US Govt. is a crime.
  12. Murder – the killing and endangering of billions of lives around the Earth is a crime.

This list could go on much, much longer if we were to keep digging for facts. A team will be set up to do just that. But suffice it to say, that the US Government and its agencies and those of various states, and foreign governments are all guilty of extremely serious crimes when it comes to this whacko geoengineering program.

In the end, we must hold them to account for these crimes.