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GAWSS will track spraying across the planet during the period March 15 – 17. We have set up a special category in our Incident Directory under the title Spray Plotter.

If you have not seen any spraying on any of the three days, then you do not enter any posting. If you have seen spraying, regardless of the amount on a given day, then enter a post. It is important that you enter your country, city, state and postal code (street not necessary).

Because you enter your location, the mapping system will show flags where these events were recorded.

Any amount of spraying qualifies as a Spray Day

Light – means very light spraying – 5-15% of sky covered

Moderate – means typical spray day with 20-60% of sky covered

Heavy – 65 – 100% of sky coveredĀ  heavy overcast*

*Don’t confuse with a rainy day where real clouds are prevalent. If the weather is cloudy and stormy, then ignore that day. If on any of the three days you observe spraying being done, then enter a post.

Dates for observations – Initially, March 15, 16, and 17 2016, however, we will leave this category up thereafter for additional submissions.

Time of Day – start to take notice of the sky from 1:00 PM thru 8 PM (in daylight). Early morning could be a leftover from spraying done the previous night.

Select Spray Plotter category when you visit the Incident Directory. It is the very last item on the text Category List!

Click here to go to the Spray Plotter

Please note that the Spray Plotter will display 50 entries per Page. So if we get 1,000 entries for a given day, then that would mean there would be 25 pages of entries which simply means you could visit all of those pages if you wanted to see the entire scope of the spray pattern for this series of days.