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Project GAWSS is a program in which a large group of serious minded individuals around the World are working together to identify the size and scope of the global geoengineering program that the USA has launched and is overseeing in an effort to expose and eventually end it. This project is using project management software to assist in the assignment and completion of tasks. The overall project is made up of smaller projects which are listed below.

These sections include highly detailed data collection and analysis of the aircraft, flight patterns, schedules and the chemicals used by the various governments engaged in spraying such chemicals into the atmosphere. The results of our findings can be seen in the Incident Directory section of this website. The Directory contains interesting information about the depth of this program and the deadly nature of itfor all life on the planet.  Visitors may also contribute to this project but Registration is first required. Please support our efforts to expose and end this highly toxic and dangerous program referred to as Geoengineering.

Here are just some of the Projects we have launched (many others are in the works right now):


  • Aircraft and Equipment Details
  • Chemical Composition
  • Flight Schedules and Patterns

The deadly effects of the chemicals in the aerosol spray on trees, plants, crops, insects, birds, fish, and animals.

Terrible health effects on human health from chemicals.

Here is an incomplete  list of concerns that GAUSS will be going after (pdf document)


If you would like to contribute your time and energy to helping us gather and analyze data for this very important project, please complete this application.