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On Saturday April 9, 2016 approx 4:20 PM, I was driving down the road returning from some errands. I always look at the sky when I can to see what crazy chemtrails are being sprayed. I saw one and pulled over so I could see what aircraft that was spraying by looking at my Plane Finder app.

I noticed they were spraying short persistence chemtrails on that day. These are chemtrails that have a length of only 1/3 – 1/2 mile in length and then they appear to dissipate rapidly.

2 planes spraying together
2 planes spraying together


As soon as I arrived at home, I looked at my App and noticed that there were 2 planes very close together that had just recently flown over Raleigh, almost as if one was towing the other. I immediately checked the call sign and flight numbers.

What I discovered was that they both had the same flight numbers! Except, one had the American Airlines “AA” in front of the flight number whereas the other did not.

Plane #1 – Flight # AA 4292 z  Call Sign RPA 4292

Plane #2 – Flight # 4292     No Registration   Source – ADS-B

They were both flying at the same altitude and on the same course and speed.

PNS (Pensacola) – DCA (Ronald Reagan National)

I do not know if either one was spraying because they were beyond my line of sight.

I followed them up to Washington DC on the App. They were together the entire way.  Then the AA4292 flight landed at the Reagan airport while the other plane veered off to the right and I lost it. It may have landed at Andrews AFB or have gone onto Baltimore. The data on the App for the “bogie flight” was minimal. No registration no callsign, no Adshex. However, the Source for the data was ADS-B as opposed to FAA for the so-called legitimate AA4292 flight.

These were Embraer 170 aircraft.


I thought this was extremely unusual. However, within 30 seconds I saw another pair of planes flying through the Washington area. These had the same Flight numbers also. They were flying together 21,000 feet 434 MPH

Plane #1 – Flight UA6256    No Registration Adshex 45772808   Source: MLAT

Plane #2 – Flight UA6256   Registration  N506MJ   Adshex A65156

They were both Canadair CRJ 700 aircraft

Flying from IAD (Dulles) to LGA (Laguardia)

Could not observe if they were spraying (I was in Raleigh and they were in Washington DC)


Observation – I believe the “geoengineers” are flying 2 aircraft with the same flight number at the same time. One plane is possibly carrying passengers and the other is carrying chemicals or contraband. It brought back memories of 9-11 when we believe they pulled a swap between 2 aircraft in air with the same flight numbers. This may now be the preferred method for hiding aircraft for geoengineering or even more sinister or illegal purposes. I will ask the FAA how such a practice is allowed. It must be extremely confusing to flight controllers and airport staff. Unless, however, they are changing the info as soon as the aircraft are airborne.

ADS-Bw Flight-Aware

The fact that one of the Bogies had a Source of MLAT and the other had a Source of ADS-B suggests that these 2 Bogies were being controlled by Satellite transmission. This type of control is used by geoengineering aircraft. In fact ADS-B prides itself on being able to track and control aircraft around the World with this technology.

Further analysis of these types of Duplicate Flight number aircraft cases needs to be done. Normally, when 2 flights fly together, they are both laying down a double dose of chemtrail toxins in a wide path. It is similar to when a landscaper mows your lawn with a ride-on mower vesus the homeowner using a narrow push mower.