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People helping one another
People helping one another

Each day that I awake, I think to myself that there can be no more important task ahead of me than to try and expose and then stop the US Government’s Geoengineering program. Many of you share that same philosophy. How can you not when you stop to realize that this program will significantly alter life on this planet and the way we have always known it.

I also realize that a person must first experience an awakening before they can believe that it is possible that the people who are in charge on this planet could ever do something as crazy as this. Until a person experiences that awakening, they will more than likely be unable to share in the desire to end geoengineering. Consequently, since most of us know from experience that it is not probable to convert someone into seeing the seriousness of this deadly program, we will have to get the job done initially without the help of many of these people.

Given that, there are many people around the World who realize what we are facing and feel a strong need to help end this program. But there is no easy path. You can contact your senator, as I have done, and try to explain what is happening to the planet becasue of geoengineering and he or she will play dumb (possibly because they really don’t understand, or they don’t want to think about it and they assume that those in charge of the program know what they are doing). In any event, this leaves you with no easy solution and no progress in moving closer to a favorable outcome. You may have discussed it with your spouse, your kids, your parents, or even the mailman. None of them think the problem is real and they look at you like you are going off the deep end. You can even talk to them about the chemtrails and they will say the clouds are simply cirrus, or alto-cumulus, or even cirro-cumulus. Most of the time they will not even raise their heads to look up. Everyone is too busy looking down at their cell phones to see the sky above. If they do happen to look up, it is just for a moment and they can’t stick around long enough to see a chemtrail turn from what they think is a contrail from a jet into an amorphous cloud like shape.

For some reason, these people think we are seeing things or are listening to too many conspiracy kooks on the Internet. They forget that we often times have advanced degrees, run businesses, can converse intelligently on multiple topics with the best of them for long periods of time. No, they just think that we must be wrong and that they and everyone else like them are correct.

I saw the exact same phenomenon as it related to 9-11. In fact, that was where I was awakened to what was really going on. At a minimum, I began to examine and question everything that the government said and I found that in the majority of cases, they were lying. Others I knew, did not seem to grasp the fact that the government was lying at all. It was if we were looking at the same object with two different sets of glasses on. Theirs were rose colored and mine were clear.

Well, this entire Geoengineering program is similar to 9-11 but it is much bigger, much more serious and deadly, and much more in our face. All we need to do is look up at the sky and there it is, 24 hours per day. But I am afraid to say that with what we have right now, we have to let those non-believers go and stop worrying about convincing them. At least until we get more data and an improved information delivery system. What this means is that we stop wasting valuable time trying to educate the non-believers and focus instead on getting some work done.

That is where GAWSS comes in. I have designed this website to do a number of things that will help us to gather and analyze data. The process should leave very few stones unturned. We can use this time to reconstruct a detailed view of the overall geoengineering situation. Look at how they reconstructed TWA Flight 800 part by part in the 1990’s after it mysteriously crashed in the Atlantic Ocean near New York.

Reconstructed airplane
Reconstructed airplane

Although it is not perfect, the reconstruction of the airplane looks pretty good considering that it was shot down! Well, we will reconstruct the geoengineering story with the help of many different people. Many of us have been working on our own and although we may have added a Facebook comment here and there, we have not coordinated our analysis with other like-minded people. Now, here is our chance to do just that! If we do the job properly, we stand a chance of waking people up and stopping this insane program. Conversely, if we keep doing what we have been doing, it will never stop.

Please review ALL of the pages in the Info section of the GAWSS Project.

Hang in there because help is on the way (and we are going to provide it ourselves!).