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There are many organizations, governments, and individuals that GAWSS is attempting to identify and expose. But rather than solely target the “players” who are involved in ruining the planet for the rest of us, it may much easier to look at their “actions” (or in-actions)¬† and deeds to expose them. As a result of looking at what they do,¬†GAWSS will be able to identify them and then expose them with the “dirt” still on their hands. If they are smart, they will turn away from the “Dark Side” before it all comes down on their heads. The crimes that many of these people and organizations are involved in, makes WWII Holocaust crimes look like romper room activities.

  1. Governments (Senate and House of Reps, President) as well as foreign governments who conspire with US Govt.
  2. Government agencies (EPA, Dept. of Interior, FDA, NASA, etc.)
  3. Companies that make chemicals, spray chemicals, spill chemicals.
  4. Companies that transport and dispose of toxic waste related to weather management
  5. Pilots and flight crews (Air Force, contractors, commercial airlines), handlers, fuel handlers, air traffic controllers, and others involves in the delivery of the toxic spray.
  6. Plane manufacturers that design and manufacture the modified tanker aircraft.
  7. Congressmen and Senators who approve these programs and solicit funding for them.
  8. Dept. of Defense, National Guard, and Air Force leadership and any other military and/or contractors involved in the delivery systems
  9. Weathermen, NOAA, National Weather Service.
  10. Media companies who control the weather men and reporters
  11. Dept. of Justice, lawyers working for government agencies and for corporations who create, negotiate, and execute Non-disclosure agreements and other “gag” legal instruments which prevent people from speaking out about weather management and other related secret and non-secret programs.
  12. Boeing who owns many of the patents for this spraying and who builds much of the specialized equipment.
  13. Fuel manufacturers who design and manufacture the highly specialized fuels which use toxic chemicals.
  14. Scientists who develop the chemical cocktails, the measurement equipment, and the spray units etc., etc.
  15. Universities and professors who hide the reality of what is happening to the Earth because they receive grants and other payoffs.
  16. Anyone else involved in developing, administering, and /or executing any aspect of this criminal program.

The only question is, can we make a difference in helping to stop this insanity. We honestly do not know but we have no other choice but to try our best. Life on Earth depends on all of our efforts in this area.