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GAWSS represents Global Air Water Soil Quality. Just to set the record straight, we did not start out by being “tree huggers” as one might think given our name. The reason Air, Water, and Soil are in the name, is because these are the elements that are being seriously damaged as a result of geoengineering. Therefore, it seemed appropriate to focus on those life critical items as part of our name.

We were increasingly upset as we learned about the geoengineering program that the US Government had launched years ago, in relative secrecy and without the approval of its citizens. This program costs a fortune to run and is killing the planet. Under this program, the American people are unknowingly paying to harm themselves and everyone else on the planet.

The entire program is kept secret and those who could assist in exposing it, the people involved in analyzing and reporting on the weather, have all been gagged by the Federal government. Yes, indeed, every one of the weather reporters on TV and the radio have been legally gagged by the US Government. Under penalty of loss of job, financial ruin, and significant jail time, they are not allowed to discuss anything to do with this program.

The same is true of scientists and researchers at companies and at the university level. Furthermore, they are paid (through grants, contracts, cash, etc.) to remain quiet. Yes, the US Government is actually paying untold numbers of people, companies, universities, federal employees, foreign governments, etc., to keep their mouths shut on this subject.

When you stop to analyze, which we will do, the cost of this program for all of the materials, planes, fuel, chemicals, manpower, facilities, transportation, engineering, etc., and combine that with all of the bribery and payoffs, the total cost of this program represents hundreds of billions to a trillion US Dollars that is charged against the country’s credit card each year. Yes, indeed, it is charged and is not funded through the normal budgeting process. It would be without question, if it were in the budget, the largest single line item. This program, which the American people are paying for (one way or another), has kept the American people in debt and it has never been fully disclosed or approved and wouldn’t be if the actual details concerning its purpose, effectiveness, size and scope, and the risk to every single living organism on Earth were brought to light.

GAWSS intends to conduct a detailed investigation into the program. We will utilize hundreds and even thousands of “contributors” to gather and submit information about the various aspects of the program in their area. We will then decide how best to complete our analysis and what should be done with the information that we develop.  Our goal will be to help put an end to this dreadful program.

Please stand with us and help get the word out to everyone around the World by contributing information and observational data to our effort to both document and then expose this deadly program. All of our lives depend on exposing and stopping it before it becomes too late to reverse the adverse effects of geoengineering.

Thank you,

US Citizen

Founder of GAWSS