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The Idea Generator is a database system which contains many different categories. These categories have been further pre-populated with many sub-categories and some proposed projects.  You can tell when a category has proposed project ideas because the number inside the parenthesis will display a number other than zero.

Please review these ideas and feel free to comment on them and vote on them by selecting the rating stars. GAWSS will use these ratings to select prospective projects.Idea 1

The Idea Generator section is designed to allow visitors to review existing Ideas, for fighting against Geoengineering, as well as create their own for others to consider.

You can add photos and links plus a large quantity of text. Use the PROJECT Category to propose completely new project ideas.

The Idea Generator will  make you think about different things that we can do to help end geo-engineering. This section is the workhorse of the GAWSS program so please spend some quality time in this area. Be sure to vote on which ideas you like and comment on the ideas as you deem necessary.