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GAWSS has a number of sections which you will find interesting. Here is how we recommend that you use the site.

The Incident Directory is where you can submit the details of an incident that you have eitherB0002 personally observed or found on the internet, etc. We have created many categories for entries. In some cases you need to drill down 3 levels to get thru the entire category. Please post images and videos in the listing as well as supporting documents.

This system will “map” the incident as well. You can then search incidents by location or category. This is a very powerful directory system and all visitors can easily post entries in it.

Then when you want to look up an incident, you can either type a word into the search window or simply look for the category that you are interested in. The number of incidents that are listed will be displayed by each category name.

It is easy to add your own incidents as well. Just click on “Submit a Listing” and then select the Category that you want to post it in.  Please shrink your images down ahead of time to 400Kb or less. Do not try to upload full resolution images to the website.


Visitors can send the person who listed the incident a message if they have a question. You will need to register in our system if you want full capabilities. Just click on Login/Register at the top menu.

We have another section for posting Project ideas (Idea Generator) so please use that section if you want to propose an idea for the GAWSS Project Teams. Or better yet, volunteer to be the Team Leader for a project. It could be YOUR project!

In the meantime, the Incident Directory should be used to record incidents of all kinds. Let us know if we need to add a new category. Send Admin an email

Don’t forget to Sign-up in the project section if you are interested in working on a project.