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Global Chemical Warfare Against Humanity! VIOLATION of International Laws!

If this was happening over my head I would be outraged. I get pissed when I see one. In Austin Tx, my perception is, the spraying seemed to have stopped since about June...but after Irma...they cranked it up spraying about 7 or 8 parallel lines from southeast to northwest and a few east to west. Please GOD, make them stop.

The UK gets relentlesly sprayed every day. Every night. No let up.

Something is really fishy with the UK government; they don't allow you to cover your garden so your family and vegetables are all well exposed.

😱😱😱... Damn !!!

its so wrong 🙁

We Are Screwed!

That is disgusting!

The evildoers spray usually at night these days

"Talk about getting the royal treatment..""""""

That's brutal

See this all the time in the sky ! And No it's not natural ! They are spraying chemicals over our head alone with other things . The sky's never use to look like this . Those are not natural .


So sad!

A constant reminder of how evil these people are!

yea we had that here too in MPLS MN !!! FOR 3-4 DAYS !!!

Outrageous !!!

Looks like Michiana the other day except half our treetops are dead and many more whole trees

This is certainly not normal yet very few people notice.

That is their new pattern now. Grids! I have been seeing it every day.

Joseph Ocaña

Europe has been getting hammered the past year. Weird i live in SLC Utah been clear for the most part since May only a day or 2 occasionally nothing like this.

world wide

This is not normal people!

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