Drone pilots control spraying

Drone pilot type operators working along with satellites actually control the spraying by the jets. The pilots merely fly a course and the spraying is done for them. They can then claim plausible deniability because they did not pull the trigger. The drone operator did thousands of miles away. Eventually, this

Be patient – they’ll be spraying soon!

The geoengineers are like drug addicts. They have to have their "spray" fix sooner rather than later. They cannot go for 2 days without spraying. So far today (2 PM in North Carolina) there is no spraying. They'll be here by 5PM but if they aren't for some reason, they

They spray AFTER the Earth heats up!

I notice that they spray later in the day. They actually allow the sun to heat the Earth up and then they spray later in the day to keep the heat in. This is outrageous. They are trying to heat up the Earth and then they place a blanket of