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Thanks for considering joining the GAWSS Project Team!

We need motivated and intelligent people from around the World to help us gather, analyze and document the geoengineering disaster that faces all of us on the planet right now. We need people to jump in with both feet and start to tackle these herculean tasks consisting of data collection and analysis. Are you one of those people? We hope you are because we need as many people as we can get to do this work.

Ok, what does the work consist of?

We want to dissect all of the important aspects of this geoengineering program, analyze them, and then document them. Then we want to expose them and try to get some action out of specific groups to help stop them.

The things we will investigate are:

  1. Companies who are involved in the following activities:
    1. Designing equipment, processes, chemicals, equipment, etc.
    2. Transporting, storing, and loading the chemicals
    3. Helping to keep the program under the radar (Media, Govt, Universities, Weather reporters, etc.)
  2. Federal and State agencies and organizations that are protecting these companies and fellow agencies.
  3. Federal and State organizations that are Funding these companies and individuals
  4. Flying and servicing the jets that deliver these chemicals
  5. Exposing the adverse health effects caused by these chemicals on humans, animals, and the planet in general.
  6. Exposing the corruption that is involved in soliciting and awarding contracts for everything involved in this program. This relates to politicians, lobbysists, and others.
  7. We need to join with other similarly minded groups and corroborate.

The list goes on and on. Please refer to the Project List (to be available soon) for the “complete” list.

The people running this program have an army consisting of tens of thousands of people and hundreds of billions of dollars. We don’t. But since we are simply acting as observers and data collectors, we do not have to make anything or deliver/ship anything and as a result, our job is much simpler than theirs. Furthermore, they are doing everything in plain view which makes it easier to capture what they are doing. Although the average person is oblivious to what they are up to, we ARE looking at them and we will start to record, in a methodical manner, all of the illegal and unethical things that they do almost every day of the year in running the geoengineering program.

How long with the GAWSS Project take to complete?

It is hard to say. When Christopher Columbus set sail to travel to the New World, he did not know how long it would take either but every day, as he moved further westward, he made progress and eventually, he arrived in North America. I would say that when we are substantially complete in our effort to gather, analyze and document our findings, we will then be closer to the exposition phase of the project in which we, with the help of others, will expose this program to the World. We must do it in such a way that we can pull the average citizen along with us in helping to stop this insanity. But most importantly, we must do a thorough fact-based presentation that will make it hard for others to ignore the fact that this deadly geoengineering program exists.

As Contributors on this project, you will be acting as the reporters and data gatherers. We need you all to use proper judgement when gathering and analyzing such data. We have to avoid going off half-cocked with bad data that cannot support the scrutiny by the Press and others. Therefore, if you are not sure of the integrity or accuracy of your data, then re-check it and/or ask for assistance from another Team member.  We need to corroborate our data as best we can.

Will we get everything down tight as a drum? No way. In some cases “close enough” may be “good enough.”  While in other cases, we may need to be 100% on target. We plan to consult with others, such as Dane Wigington and other knowledgeable anti-geoengineering people, both domestically as well as internationally. We will seek help from wherever we can find it. But we also need to be aware that the powers to be employ Internet-based shills and other spies that come across as being supportive of projects like this, only to “submarine them” later. In that regard we need each of our team members to be aware of the other team members that they work with. Vet them as best that you can. Don’t allow people that don’t believe in the mission to stop geoengineering prevent us from succeeding.

By the way, I will use the term “geoengineering” negatively throughout this site but there may be cases in which some forms of geoengineering could be beneficial for the Earth. Although I am not aware of any right now, I would not want to permanently reject future programs that could actually help the Earth. But for right now, the Stratospheric Particulate injection system (Chemtrails) and HAARP (and any other related processes that support these programs) are on GAWSS’s “must stop” list.

Together, we can beat this crazy process of destroying the Earth in front of our very eyes. The GAWSS Project is just one, but a very important part, of the counter-attack to take back Planet Earth.

Please consider joining the effort by becoming a member of the Project team.

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Thanks for taking the time to review the information on this site!