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Global Air Water Soil Safety is a website which collects and publishes information about incidents in which the Earth’s air, water, or soil has been harmed or negatively affected by someone or something. The Primary area that GAWSS will focus on will be Geo-Engineering because it affects everything on the planet.

Most of these negative incidents are caused by governments and/or corporations and deal with the misuse of the environment for either commercial gain or political control purposes or both.

What makes GAWSS unique is that we invite others to visit the site and to actively participate in recording the incidents that they are aware of so that we may create a more extensive record of what is happening to the Earth’s environment. Our Idea Generator allows visitors to suggest an idea that the overall GAWSS community can later consider for development into a project that can be used to help end geo-engineering.

The GAWSS Admin will do the best that it can to prevent scammers, shills, and other undesirable persons or organizations from adding incorrect or inappropriate data. All entries will be reviewed and approved by GAWSS.  The GAWSS Admin will be the final arbiter of what is appropriate for the website.

Please contribute content to the website if you have something which would be of interest to others who are trying to observe, analyze, and report on the things that are affecting the Planet.

SHILLS are not invited and should not attempt to attack the site. Shills will be permanently blocked when they are discovered.


Featured Sections of GAWSS

GAWSS contains the following sections:

  1. Incident Directory – a large, highly categorized directory for recording actual incidents of geo-engineering events and/or other aspects of the fight against the geo-engineering programs.
  2. Idea Generator – an area for people to review, rate and comment on the ideas of other members as well record their own ideas for stopping geo-engineering worldwide
  3. Database of Participants – Participants are volunteers that want to work on project teams to implement highly coordinated efforts to stop the geo-engineers.
  4. Project Management Program – projects will be assigned to volunteer teams to go after the illegal and unethical geo-engineering programs. (link to be available soon)
  5. Facebook Feeds – all of the popular anti-geo-engineering Facebook Groups are included in the GAWSS feed area.
  6. Forum – an area for commenting on various aspects of geo-engineering and/or the GAWSS Project and site.
  7. Calendar – A calendar of geo-engineering events and other related happenings.
  8. Comment sections for one or more of the sections above
  9. Other information sections as developed by GAWSS

Certification of Operation

The GAWSS Admin certifies that he:

  1. Does not work either directly or indirectly for the US Government or for any contractor nor any other company affiliated with the US Government or its contractors and affiliates.
  2. Does not have any conflict of interest with the purpose of the GAWSS Project and any other of his affiliations.
  3. Will not relinquish any information about members or participants of any GAWSS related activity to any third party or government entity.
  4. Will not knowingly permit any government or private industry shills, infiltrators, spies or the like to participate in GAWSS activities. If such  characters are discovered by GAWSS or by anyone else and such information is brought to GAWSS’s attention, they will be immediately banned from the website and all other GAWSS activities.





Please direct any questions that you have to the site Admin