GAWSS represents a new tool with which to expose the Geo-engineering program that the US Government has engaged in for the past 20+ years.

The planet is dying as a result of this “frankenstein experiment” and the time is NOW to stop this madness. Help GAWSS in its mission to EXPOSE this toxic program before it is too late.

Visit our IDEA GENERATOR and tell us what you recommend for stopping this insane government program.

Airliner Flight Rear View










Record your location in the Spray Plotter database

GAWSS includes an assortment of useful features as follows:

Incident Directory – a large, highly categorized directory for recording actual incidents of geo-engineering events and/or other aspects of the fight against the geo-engineering programs.

Idea Generator – an area for people to review, rate and comment on the ideas of other members as well as record their own ideas for stopping geo-engineering worldwide.

Spray Plotter – This project consists of having visitors plot if they have seen planes spraying in their area. The mapping system within the Incident Directory will plot all of these locations on a global map. This will show the extensiveness of the spraying program on a global basis

Plane Tracker – This system will eventually allow visitors to track the origin of the flights that they see spraying while traveling overhead. It also allows for the identification of the aircraft by flight number, registration number (if available), Airline, aircraft model, altitude and speed. We then publish this flight info to the public and tell them to avoid these “killer” flights

Database of Participants – Participants are volunteers that want to work on project teams to implement highly coordinated efforts to stop the geo-engineers.

Project Management Program – projects will be assigned to volunteer teams to go after the illegal and unethical geo-engineering programs (link to be available soon).

Facebook Feeds – many of the popular anti-geo-engineering Facebook Groups are included in the GAWSS feed area. Have another site that is popular for anti-geoengineers?  Send us the link.

Forum – an area for commenting on various aspects of geo-engineering and/or the GAWSS Project and site.

Calendar – A calendar of geo-engineering events and other GAWSS related happenings.

Please direct any questions that you have to the site Admin