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The GAWSS Idea Generator is designed to allow all anti-geoengineers to submit their best ideas for ending the Government's Geoengineering programs. Please review the existing postings (the qty. of postings in a category is in parenthesis). After reviewing existing postings, select a category and then submit an idea. You may also RATE them and COMMENT on them to express your satisfaction with an idea. Or you can ask questions which will be directed to the person who listed the Idea. GAWSS admins will review the data, ratings and comments. The ratings are very important to the process. If an idea rates highly, then we should consider doing it. Be sure to Sign Up on the Sign-up List as a participant so we know who you are and how to contact you, etc. Once we finalize the projects that we want to undertake, we will then form teams and start to tackle some of these projects. We CAN make a difference if we organize our efforts.